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Horse Racing

Racing Gold: +303.14 pts (17.31% ROI)

Value Seeker: +203.48 pts (26.20% ROI)

Bob Racing: +275.55 pts (45.32% ROI) *

Antepost: +356.23 pts (51.18% ROI)

Fibresand: +120.66 pts (32.26% ROI)

Irish Stable info: +32.04 pts (66.74% ROI) *

* Betfair Starting Price, net of 5%


Football: +175.75 pts (19.64% ROI)

US Baseball: +143.95 pts (31.30% ROI)

US Basketball: +351.20 pts (32.85% ROI)

Plus high quality writers covering

golf and cricket

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