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Hello, and welcome to Pro Tips.

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My name is Herbie. Since 2006, I've been exploiting my knowledge of racing and betting angles to bet with success.

The free bets are a sample of my work on ENIGMA - my private racing forum, and features quality free racing tips plus the occasional useful stats angle or piece of ENIGMA news.

I back everything myself and aim to choose some excellent bets for the blog, at prices that I hope will spice up your betting.

Coral Cup winner William Henry, advised at 33/1:

Betfair starting price

These days it's hard to bet seriously with bookmakers, and next to impossible for others to follow, so I've made a gradual transition to betting at Betfair Starting Price.

From summer 2020 all new Blog bets will focus on BSP, and flow from angles that work well in that sphere.

Crucially, BSP really rewards the bettor who can outfox the market.

A prime example came my way in March 2020 when my Foxhunter Chase system landed 66/1 winner It Came To Pass, returned at 224.95 BSP.

Full 'Foxhunter system' results since 2006:

Beyond free bets

Pro Tips shares a small selection of my forum bets and system picks. It's pot luck whether I manage to include the best ones (I try to), and over time you will undoubtedly receive a fair spread.

For example, It Came To Pass didn't feature in the blog, but 33/1 winner William Henry did.

If at any time you want to go beyond the free bets, simply upgrade to full ENIGMA forum access.


With all good wishes,