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Winners of over 190 races

Won 12 Group / Listed races

Won Premio Jockey Club Gr1

Won Prix Robert Papin Gr2

2nd Ladbrokes St Leger Gr1

Winners at: Glorious Goodwood, Craven meeting, Chester May, July meeting, St Leger meeting

Placed at the Cheltenham Festival

We currently manage shares in over 50 horses, flat and jumps


ENIGMA is a forum-based community devoted to horse racing.

In partnership with Middleham Park Racing & Nick Bradley Racing, we offer the UK's most exciting low-cost racehorse share ownership scheme.

In 2013, our members purchased a stake in 2 yearlings with Richard Hannon. Our first runners appeared in 2014. Two years later we finished 2nd in the St Leger.

ENIGMA owners come from all walks of life; from electricians to lawyers to people in retirement. From ladies who ride and keep horses, to folk who simply love horseracing and enjoy an educated bet.

Affordable racehorse ownership

We buy into horses where a portion is kept aside to be split into smaller shares, managed by us.

We generally take from 2.5% to 5%, split between 12 to 25 people - each share represents an interest of roughly 0.20% (1/5th of 1%).

However, as only a small amount of the overall horse is divided this way - unlike other low-cost share schemes, in total you become 1 of only around 40 owners in each horse.

So, yard visits are much more exclusive and badges to go racing readily available for the vast majority of meetings without a ballot.

Shares start from £125 + annual ENIGMA membership, and include all upkeep for the first season.

Thereafter, we top up the training fees kitty once a year - aprox. £90 per share, less our split of prize money earnings.

Build a stable

With ENIGMA you can actively live the dream of building your very own string of racehorses.

Many of our owners go on to assemble a fabulous stable of shares with top trainers over flat and jumps.

The bloodstock

Sourced from the top sales in Europe, purchases are typically in the price range of £15,000 to £150,000.

The scheme runs in close partnership with Middleham Park Racing and Nick Bradley Racing.

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Our trainers

Flat: R Hannon, R Fahey, M Johnston, Joseph O'Brien, Sir M Prescott, D O'Meara, R Charlton, M Bell, M Botti, H Palmer, K Ryan, K Burke, K Dalgleish, M Meade, W Knight and Roger Fell.

National Hunt: Paul Nicholls, Nicky Henderson, Gordon Elliott, David Pipe, Ben Pauling and Brian Ellison.

"A very big thank you for the open morning at Richard Hannon's ...this was our first experience with Enigma and to say it was a big success would be an understatement..."

"...to get these results is some accomplishment. My grateful thanks from a nobody in Devon, because all my impossible teenage dreams are now being realised."

"I thought the Hamdan runners would swallow him up and then he just accelerated and stretched away. This Enigma Racing lark, just gets better and better...."


Q: How are you able to run this scheme? ENIGMA members access the scheme thanks to our close relationship with the owners of Middleham Park Racing & Nick Bradley Racing. It's proved a great success and continues to grow.

Q: Can I buy a share without being an ENIGMA member? The shares are only available to ENIGMA members, however once you become a member you have the pick of new horses as they come in.

Take ENIGMA for a test drive with a 1-month trial (CLICK HERE)

Q: Is there a monthly payment for training fees? The share price includes all training fees for the current season - we just top up the kitty annually thereafter, which usually costs between £80 and £110 per share.

Q: Can I visit the yard? You will be invited to several yard visits each year, often with food and refreshments supplied. A warm welcome awaits!

Q: How do I apply for an Owners' & Trainers' badge? You just email for badges. Some badges will be free, others paid for on collection at cost price (the free ones are allocated randomly).

Q: Am I guaranteed an O&T badge? Each racecourse has a different policy, however it's rare that our owners can't get the badges they want. If necessary, the racecoure will issue members' badges (ie no parade ring access), to get everyone in.

Q: How do I receive prize money? All owners receive an annual prize money statement. We either transfer funds to you or deduct it from the next annual upkeep bill (whichever makes sense).

For very big wins we can request an early statement to enable a quicker pay-out.

Q: What happens if a horse is sold? As soon as funds arrive we prepare a final statement and issue this together with your share. These sums can be surprisingly good - we've been involved in numerous horses that made 6-figure values.

Q: How long is my commitment? The shares are designed to be held for the life of the syndicate, which for flat horses is generally 2 seasons.

As a syndicate, we decide by vote from year to year whether to continue, although we invariably give horses 2 seasons to prove themselves.

Q: What if I want to stop early? Shares must be held for a minimum of 12 months. After that you can resign if you wish and walk away. Some members find this useful when a syndicate votes to continue but personally they would rather not.

Q: How do I receive news and updates? ENIGMA is a forum-based community. We set up a thread for each horse where all updates, news, entries, decs, photos and videos are posted. Owners subscribe to the thread to receive an automated email with each new post.

Q: Are there any extra costs? The upkeep we pay includes all training, vetting and normal costs of racing. The only common extras are race entry fees and horse transport when racing outside GB - although invariably these are covered by prize money earnings.

Q: Is there anything else I should know? Our scheme is so popular we now manage shares in over 50 horses across flat and jumps. We have over fifty 5-star reviews on Google (just Google 'Enigma Racing').

If there is anything else you would like to ask, we would be delighted to hear from you (CONTACT US HERE)

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