How much is ENIGMA membership?

Annual membership is £79.99 by direct debit, or £84.99 by card / PayPal. However, if you are purchasing a syndicate share on joining, the first year is free.

What happens if a horse is sold?

As soon as the funds arrive we prepare a final statement and issue this together with your share of the payout. Owning racehorses is a fun enterprise that we do for the thrill of trying to win good races - although it can return a nice lump sum if things go well, it should not be seen as an investment. The entertainment value however, can be off the charts.

Can I buy a syndicate share without being an ENIGMA member?

Unfortunately, no. The ENIGMA syndicates are purely available to ENIGMA members, who have the pick of each new horse as they come in. However, if buying a syndicate share on joining, ENIGMA membership is completely free for the first year. Most new syndicates sell out to members within a matter of hours. So there is something of real interest to offer new members, we keep a few select shares back for the website. See the current horses available: Click Here

How long is my commitment?

The shares are designed to be held for the life of the syndicate. We generally give flat horses 2 seasons to prove themselves, while the jumpers can go on for much longer - provided of course they are worth keeping. If a horse becomes exposed and uncompetitive, we look to organise a vote to decide as a group what we prefer to do. We just use common sense and review things each year.

How are you able to run the syndicates?

We enjoy a close relationship with some of the UK's biggest racehorse syndicators - particularly Nick Bradley Racing and Middleham Park Racing - who are very supportive of the scheme. ENIGMA syndicate members book their badges and yard visits direct with them. It's proved a great success for all concerned and continues to grow.

What if I want to stop early?

Each syndicate is obliged to hold their share for a minimum of 12 months. After that, once a year any members who prefer to stop can resign their share and walk away. Some members find this useful when a syndicate continues onwards when personally they would rather not.

Is there a monthly payment for training fees?

The share price includes all training fees for the current season. Thereafter, syndicate members pay in an annual sum to top up the training fees kitty - typically £80 and £105 per share, less our split of prize money earnings. If the horse is sold or retired during the year, members receive a refund of any unused upkeep.

How do I receive news and updates?

ENIGMA is a forum-based community. We set up a thread for each syndicate horse where updates, news, entries, declarations, photos and videos are posted. Syndicate members simply subscribe to the thread for their horse to receive an automated email with the details of each new post. Syndicate members can also post to the thread to share photos, news and to add racecourse feedback etc. This system works extremely well and has proved such a hit we now have a stake in over 75 horses.

Can I visit the yard?

You will be invited to several yard visits each year, often with food and refreshments supplied. These are very popular events and a warm welcome awaits! COVID-19 did cause visits to be suspended but we are now back underway.

Are there any extra costs?

The upkeep we pay includes all training, vetting and normal costs of racing. The only extras are race entry fees and foreign horse transport (ie when racing outside Great Britain). Typically, these costs are simply paid for out of prize money earnings. Mortality insurance, if arranged, is the only other extra. However, we only insure horses who become very valuable and after a discussion with syndicate members, taking each on its merits.

How do I apply for an Owners' & Trainers' badge?

You just email for badges when your horse is declared. Some badges will be free, others paid for on collection at cost price (the free ones are allocated at random).

Is there anything else I should know?

Our affordable ownership syndicates are so popular we now manage shares in over 75 horses, flat and jumps. We also have over fifty 5-star reviews on Google (just Google 'Enigma Racing'). A warm welcome awaits.

Am I guaranteed an O&T badge?

Each racecourse has a different policy, however for general meetings our owners can usually get the badges they want. If necessary, raceourses will often issue additional badges to get everyone in. We receive 1 or 2 free badges per run with additional badges paid for at cost on collection. The free badges are allocated at random. For major meetings we do the best we can - there is an element of negotiation as some courses are more helpful than others. However, we do our level best to get everyone in who wants to go. Overall, across each year (COVID aside), badge availability is remarkably good.

How do I receive prize money?

All owners receive an annual prize money statement. We either transfer funds to you or deduct it from the next annual upkeep bill (whichever makes sense). For very big wins we can request an early statement to enable a quicker pay-out.